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Rug Repair

We Offer the Finest Rug Repair Services Around

Rug repair is not an easy process as it takes years of experience, training and practice to understand the ropes of the trade. At Calabasas Carpet Repair Pros, we see to it that all of the nuances that go into meticulous rug repair are carried out effectively. No matter how hopeless the condition of your rug may seem to you, we request you to give us a chance before you discard it and invest your hard earned money in to a new one. We promise to do our best to ensure that your rug is back to its former state all over again.

Kinds of Rug Damage and their Repair

Even when you put your heart and soul into taking care of your rugs, normal wear and tear does get the better of it. Even special rugs such as Persian, Oriental and antique rugs fall prey to certain factors. The damages that occur to your rugs include the following:

  • Deterioration of the natural fibers and the pile
  • Stains caused by your pets
  • Harm caused to the edging or binding of your rug
  • Stains and damage caused by food and drinks
  • Serging of fraying fringe
  • Having pets around that chew and claw at the rug

Other than these common factors, sometimes, even constantly cleaning and repairing your rug from time to time can make it susceptible to damage. Calabasas Carpet Repair Pros understand all of these concerns and more all too well. Our professionals specialize in the nuances that go into rug repair and so perform to their maximum potential to ensure that you are completely satisfied and content with our service, after we drop off your rugs safe and sound, well repaired and perfectly cleaned.

Superlative and Productive Rug Repair in Calabasas

Your residential or commercial rugs get damaged due to various reasons. This is why we do not solely make use of one rug repair technique for each and every rug that comes to us. Just like natural wear and tear, food stains, water damage, pet stains, and moth holes are not the same thing, so also are our remedies different for each condition. Our professionals take special care to assess your rug carefully, understand the cause as well as extent of the damage and only then come up with the best and most suitable rug repair technique.

Our well trained and perfectly able experts at Calabasas Carpet Repair Pros leave no stone unturned to ensure that your rug does not look like it has been repaired even while it has. We repair fringes, tears and holes meticulously and also make sure that we find the most appropriate thread that matches the hue of your rug.

We, at Calabasas Carpet Repair Pros, treat rug damage repair very differently from carpet repair. Our well experienced experts pick up your rugs from your residential or commercial area and ensure that all of the problems are addressed in a thorough and precise manner. Only when we are satisfied with the results at hand, we deliver your rugs back to you completely repaired, safe and sound.

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Rugs require special handling and a specialized set of skills. It doesn’t matter if your rug has been hand loomed with natural fibers or is a fine area rug, when you give our professionals a call, you can rest assured knowing that the rug will be given special care and attention and will come back to you looking renewed and rejuvenated.