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Carpet Patching

Call Us for Any Type of Carpet Patching Worries in Calabasas

Sometimes, it is not the entire carpet that requires repair work as only a small area of the carpet needs fixing. So, instead of going in for a carpet replacement it is smarter to go in for carpet patching. Calabasas Carpet Repair Pros ensure that all of the procedures that go into this patching process are carried out carefully and fruitfully. The patch is hard to spot and your carpet is good as new again!

Why Carpet Patching?

More often than not, the damage that occurs to your carpet is only confined to a few square feet and is not spread out across the room. In such cases, you do not have to go through the laborious task of replacing your entire carpet just because a small area of it is spoilt. Not only is it time consuming, but it is also a costly affair. Besides it does not make an environmentally sustainable choice.

Instead of going through the entire ordeal of replacing a carpet, it makes more sense to go in for carpet patching. Our professionals at Calabasas Carpet Repair Pros use this process to help you repair only that particular area of your carpet that needs attention. In this way you cut down on unnecessary expenses. We offer these services for common as well as complicated carpet patching conditions.

Our professionals render carpet patching services for the following:

  • Wavy, loose or rippled carpet
  • Snagged Berber carpet
  • Marks and stains caused by red wine, bleach, food and blood
  • Damage caused to commercial carpets as a result of missing or broken rubber reducers, rips or spills from high volume foot traffic, stains caused by heavy equipment
  • Torn or ripped carpets caused by heavy furniture, high heeled shoes, pet stains and athletic cleats

Should any of these conditions damage your carpet, we see to it that we conduct the necessary procedure required to ensure that your carpet is presentable and appealing all over again. It is fair to assume that during the shelf life of your carpet, you will encounter minor or major damages here and there. It’s good to be well prepared so that you know you have someone to rely on, should such a situation arise.

Carpet Patching at Its Best

Carpet patching can be a tenuous affair but our professionals at Calabasas Carpet Repair Pros are well equipped and perfectly prepared to tackle the worst of conditions. We come with all of the necessary high end equipment and also possess the required skill and dedication to make sure that your carpet is restored in the nick of time. Our carpet patching services get rid of discoloration, rips, excessive foot traffic, and chewing.

If any fibers have unraveled, we painstakingly reweave every worn out fiber. In case, reweave the fibers is not a possible solution, you need not stress. We make use of the already available sections of the carpet, cleverly using it to blend into the damaged parts of your carpet. This process helps us restore your carpet within no time.

We are Just a Call Away!

At Calabasas Carpet Repair Pros we cater to a wide variety of carpet patching worries. Our services extend to residential as well as commercial customers. We see that all of the carpet problems are dealt with in a timely manner. This helps us deliver your carpets back to you in a rapid way. We can assure you that you won’t be able to spot the difference after we have delivered your repaired carpet to you.

Do get in touch with us, should you encounter any carpet problem, we, at Calabasas Carpet Repair Pros, are sure to use our skill in carpet patching and fix it within no time at all.