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Calabasas Carpet Repair Pros is one of the best companies offering high quality carpet repair services in and around Calabasas area. We understand that any damage to your carpet is upsetting but you don’t have to be worried or make plans to invest in a new carpet yet as we provide high quality carpet dyeing, carpet patching, and pet damaged carpet repair services. Once our repair works are done, your carpet becomes as good as new and you won’t be able to spot the area where the damage took place.

While there are innumerable kinds of carpet problems, our pros can deal with all of them excellently. Our carpet repair services ranges from carpet patching, carpet stretching, mending tears and holes to carpet cleaning and dyeing. Our extremely efficient, trained and certified professionals have the expertise of using high-end carpet repairing tools and equipment for delivering the best results. In fact, different kinds of carpets need different kinds of treatments and our experts know exactly what to do.

Give us the responsibility of dealing with your carpet issues and we promise not to disappoint you. We assure of returning your carpet in as good as new condition. Here is a gist of the carpet repair services offered by Calabasas Carpet Repair Pros.

Berber Carpet Repair Calabasas

Berber carpets are quite long-lasting and durable. Their lovely patterns and vibrant colors help in enhancing the beauty of the floors in homes and offices. However, once a Berber carpet snags, the carpet will start unraveling really quick resulting in bare back carpet for your floor. The damage in these carpets is mainly caused by high-heeled shoes, excessive use of vacuum cleaners, pet claws and cleats on athletic shoes.

At Calabasas Carpet Repair Pros, we excel in Berber carpet repair and ensure it gets a flawless restoration. Our professionals hand weave the yarn for better finishing and make use of yarn that is similar to what is used in your carpet. Our professionals are experts in weaving solids as well as patterns in the carpets.

For carpets where the yarn is missing completely, we replace the yarn with a permanent piece from another Berber carpet or from a discreet piece in your carpet. First the piece is sealed in place using high quality epoxy resin, which sets in really quickly. The placement and adjustment of the piece is done perfectly so that no edges are visible.

Carpet Patching Calabasas

Most often damage to the carpet is restricted to a small area so there is practically no point in replacing the whole carpet for this reason. The best way to deal with this problem is to resort to precision carpet patching services. The damaged part of the carpet is restored with suitable patching to make it look good and extend its life. Patching services have proved to be very effective in dealing with carpet problems like snags, rips, spills, tears, discoloration, pet chewing, and pet stains.

We, at Calabasas Carpet Repair Pros, employ our best professionals for carpet patching services. With the help of suitable tools and devices, they can do excellent patch work on the damaged areas in the carpet and conceal all the flaws. In the patching service offered by our company, the loose fibers are re-interwoven with each other if the fibers have been unraveled due to some reason. However, if the carpet has ripped, chewed and torn portions, reweaving is not just possible. In these situations, special patches are created from carpets and fitted into the damaged areas for further restoration.

The best thing about Calabasas Carpet Repair Pros is that we have very quick turnaround time. Our professionals are quite experienced in the work and will make sure the carpet gets a completely uniform look and appearance. Call us right now to avail our outstanding carpet patching services.  We support the Coyotes of Calabasas High School!

Carpet Stretching Calabasas

Loose and wavy carpets are not uncommon. The problem arises due to lack of precision in the installation process. Apart from this, carpets can become loose if the power stretchers are not used at the time of installation or if the padding used in the carpet gets worn out. Carpet stretching is the only way in which this problem can be solved.

At Calabasas Carpet Repair Pros, our team is adept in carrying out carpet stretching job. We make use of advanced tools and equipment so you get smooth and perfectly stretched out carpets. If the carpet becomes loose due to worn out padding, we arrange to replace the padding so that the carpet sustains for long. Following this procedure, the carpet is stretched out using power stretchers so you have perfectly straightened and stretched out carpets. 

Hallway Carpet Re-Stretching Calabasas

Loose carpet in the hallway creates a bad impression on visitors. At worse, it can cause accidents as one can trip and fall and hurt oneself. Re-stretching is a way of dealing with the problem successfully, however it is not easy to execute as the carpets are cut to size. But when you have pros on your side there is no reason for you to worry.

We, at Calabasas Carpet Repair Pros, assure that your hallway carpet re-stretching work will be done seamlessly. The seams of the carpet are opened, followed by stretching the carpet with high-end power stretchers. This is first done on one side and then on the other side. After the stretching work, the extra parts of the carpet are removed and then sealed.

Though the task is challenging, our well trained crew will carry it out with precision so you can once again have perfectly stretched out carpet that adds to the glory of your home.

Carpet Seam Repair Calabasas

When seams in carpets are not sealed properly, there are high chances that they might rip open. The seams of a carpet can also rip open for reasons such as excessive foot traffic or chewing of carpets by pets. A ripped seam can hamper the appeal and appearance of a carpet drastically. If the seams in the carpet seem to come off, get in touch with Calabasas Carpet Repair Pros as soon as possible. When the ripping is at its initial stage it is much easier to get it restored and hence the service cost is also on the lower side.

Professionals working in our team can execute seams repair in the most flawless manner. Instead of getting the carpet replaced for damaged seams, opt for carpet repair from Calabasas Carpet Repair Pros and you will have a great looking carpet in no time.

Pet Damaged Carpet Repair Calabasas

If you have pets in your house, your carpets can always be at a risk of damage. Pets can chew the carpet or scratch the same causing tear and damage to the surface. Special skills are required for fixing a carpet damaged by pets and our professionals at Calabasas Carpet Repair Pros excel in the same.

Whatever be the kind of damage, we are there to fix it for you. We have various kinds of repair solutions for your carpet and we choose the solution that fits for your problem best. Usually patchwork works fine for carpets that are damaged by pets. We arrange the patches from the existing carpet or from our own collection and make sure that your carpet has the perfect finishing.

Carpet Dyeing Calabasas

Carpets tend to fade overtime. Even after your best care food stains, traffic movement, exposure to sun, bleach spots or pet stains takes a toll on your carpet after a few years of use, fading their colors and looks. This does not at all means that you have to now invest in a new carpet. All you need to do is call experts for carpet dyeing and restoration services.

At Calabasas Carpet Repair Pros, we excel in offering carpet dyeing and color restoration services for residential as well as commercial establishments. Our color restoration techniques will help in bringing back the old and original color of the carpet. We make use of organic dyes that are free of odor and are safe for your kids and pets. We have specialized skilled professionals for such work. The existing color is given a revamp lending your carpet a completely new appeal and appearance.

At Calabasas Carpet Repair Pros, we provide wide color options to our customers so that they can choose the shade for carpet restoration. We also offer consultation in this regard in case customers feel overwhelmed with the available choices. Sometimes thorough cleaning can bring out the real colors of the carpet and we have equipments and devices for that as well.

Rug Repair Calabasas

Right from extremely expensive and delicate Persian rugs to lavish and luxurious Oriental rugs, at Calabasas Carpet Repair Pros, we have the expertise and skill of repairing rugs to perfection. We extend our rug repair services for both commercial and residential customers.

Understanding the nature of rug damage is important so that the right kinds of repair works can be carried out on the same. Pet stains, moth holes, water damage, natural wear and tear, food stains, and pet chewing are some of the most common damages inflicted on rugs. Our rug repair technique for each kind of damage will be decided after assessing the damage carefully.

In case there are tears and holes in the rug, they need to be mended with similar colored threads. The texture and kind of thread used should be the same as in the original rug to make the repair untraceable. If matching threads are not available for the repair and restoration work, we make use of plant based and organic dyes for dyeing the threads so that the required color is obtained and the rug is repaired with exact matching thread.

Apart from repair of tears and holes in rugs, we also offer fringe repair services. Depending on your preference and choice, ready-made fringes can be attached to a rug to enhance its beauty or a fringe base can be woven manually. The work is done in such immaculate manner that the added fringe looks like an integral part of the rug.

We are Waiting for Your Call

Carpet issues are common and can be dealt with when you have professionals by your side. Simply give us a call and we will have the matter solved in a discreet way. Repairing worn out carpet is not just cheaper it is also an eco-friendly choice.

Whatever be the kind of carpet repair service you are looking for, get in touch with Calabasas Carpet Repair Pros at (818) 877-4026 and get free estimates for the services that we provide.