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Carpet Stretching

We are Empowered to Tackle Any Type of Carpet Stretching Woes

It doesn’t matter how neat, clean and tidy you keep your carpet, regular use as well as normal wear and tear is sure to get in the way of it becoming wrinkled, loose, wavy and rippled. If you are wondering how to get your residential and commercial carpets back to their former selves, that is sparkling clean and seamless, you need to get in touch with our experts at Calabasas Carpet Repair Pros. We will carry out carpet stretching in an efficient manner so that your carpets are in top order and back to the same taut condition you always want them to be.

Carpet Stretching Calabasas CA

Why Carpets Loose their Sheen Over Time?

Calabasas Carpet Repair Pros have figured out a variety of reasons why carpets don’t look as good and clean as before and need carpet stretching. These include the following:

Carpet Padding Problems: Carpet pads are attached underneath the wall to wall carpets that are not glued to a sub floor. These pads offer a considerable amount of insulation and cushion. In addition to this, these pads also enhance the shelf life of your carpet. As time passes by, this padding can degrade which in turn loosens out the carpet. If you make use of cheap padding, it only gives you an advantage for a short period of time, following which it cannot withhold its thickness and breaks down easily. This gives your carpet a loose or wavy feel.

Adverse Cold and Heat: Carpets can get loose and wavy when they are exposed to adverse cold and heat. Extreme conditions in weather cause the carpet components to loosen up. If you are leaving your house vacant for a long time, it is best to switch off your AC and heating units. You can set your thermostat to heat and cool automatically if there are fluctuations in extreme weather.

Problems during Installation: When installing a carpet for the first time, it needs to be doubly stretched from wall to wall and then needs to be attached to tack strips. Based on industry recommendations, installers need to use knee kicks to stretch the carpet and before attaching it to the tack strip, they should make certain that maximum stretch is ensured using a power stretcher. Unfortunately power stretchers are highly specialized equipment. This makes it difficult for every service provider to invest in it. Inevitably, this leaves you with a little less than the maximum stretch. 

Carpet Stretching at its Best

Calabasas Carpet Repair Pros recommends that you give us a call for all of the above mentioned problems. For the carpet padding problems, we un-tack your carpet and take it back. We then go on to replace the padding with superior quality padding so that such a problem does not arise in the near future. We further re-stretch your carpet with knee kicks so that it returns to its former position. A power stretcher is finally used to ensure it is tightly in place. We come with the best and most advanced equipment so that carpet stretching is carried out expertly and correctly.

You can trust our highly trained and adequately skilled professionals at Calabasas Carpet Repair Pros for all of your carpet stretching needs and wants. We will do whatever it takes to ensure that your carpets look seamless and attractive all over again. As soon as you encounter any problem, you can give us a ring and we will be on our way to ensure that your carpets look fantastic which in turn makes you a proud owner of this possession.